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13 March 2008 @ 06:48 pm
Contrasting Shades (Azula, D, Sound)  
Title: Contrasting Shades
Author: kaibasgirl
Claim: Azula
Challenge: Duality
Chakra/Themeset: Sound
Prompt: Truth & Lies
Notes: I know that duality is usually two pieces, but I asked if it was okay to do it in one, and I was told it was fine. I wrote this way back in August, after I had already made the claim for this challenge. I posted this on ff.net, but never got around to doing it here, so...enjoy. Oh, and it's poetry, btw.

Contrasting Shades

They look at me through hateful eyes
The things they see are made of lies
They judge, they rule, an unfair trial
Thinking me long past the mile

They do not bother to look beneath
To try and see what makes me, me
“Demon!” “Wench!” they shout their calls
Thinking me to have no soul

They paint their pictures black and white
They see the others angels; high
And as for I, my eyes they claim
Burn more evil than Satan’s name

All for my country that they cannot see
Only manipulation, cruelty, and deceit
They call me vile, bringer of death
Not caring for a moment the things I beheld

They do not comprehend the gray
They do not see my motives; ways
They claim I am the spawn of Hell
To bring about Destruction’s spell

They do not see me for who I am
Of that they’ll never understand
They do not delve below the surface
Only shallows in which are murkiest

Their eyes are blinded by hate and rage
They blame me for all mistakes
My touch, they say, drips like poison
Infecting all who are not stoic

They brand and slander, they claim I’m no good
They have no idea of my history, those fools
They banish me to darkness, make me pay for my sins
Not realizing themselves, are not a clean slate

Lies they tell! Lies they speak!
Never giving a chance, for my voice to be free
They claim redemption is beyond me; their evidence concrete
Forever this cycle of darkness, forever they bleat!

They cannot look beyond me
They see only what they want
Never knowing the truth
Of who I am and really are.
music4ever159music4ever159 on March 16th, 2008 09:10 pm (UTC)
Um...well, the last line doesn't quite make sense. "who I am and really are"? Forgive me for being a grammar geek, but i don't think you can form a sentence other than "who I really am". And btw, Azula's a beyotch and PROUD OF IT. She's a self-proclaimed monster.