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14 May 2008 @ 06:30 pm
"Survival" (Zuko x Katara, D, earth)  
Title: Survival
Author: HyperionRising
Claim: Zuko x Katara
Challenge: Duality
Chakra: Earth
Prompt: Survival
Rating: Light NC-17/Very Hard R (erotica)
Summary: Zuko sided with Katara and Aang, under Ba Sing Sei, but Azula still prevailed. When you're trapped in the dark with no way out, the most important thing is to remind yourself you're alive.


She feels the full moon pulling at her and knows she is still alive. He feels the sun rising and knows he isn't dead. This is how Katara awakes, and Zuko after her, in a dark cell under Ba Sing Sei without a door or a window or any opening but a small hole for air.

It was cold, which Katara was used to, but she didn't have her parka or a fire, so she huddled next to Zuko and his too-good-to-be-true warmth. The cell was pitch black, so she closed her eyes and pretended that she was back home and it was the longest night of winter. She pretended that she was back before, and her mother would wake her in the morning, and that there would be a morning. She dreamed that she wasn't half certain Aang was dead, that she didn't even know his name, that the Avatar was still a nameless hope that could never die. Eventually she felt the moon-power fade from her body with the coming of day, and Zuko stirred beside her. She opened her eyes, because pretending wasn't going to last her forever.

Zuko looked back at her, eyes glowing faintly like a catlynx's. He blinked slowly, coughed once. His sister hadn't done half the damage to him that she'd done to Aang, but the last lightning blast, the one Zuko had taken for her...

"I don't have any water," she murmured gingerly feeling the edges of the burn on his shoulder.

"S'okay," he muttered, and she could hear the grimace in his voice.

"No, it's not," she said. "If this gets infected-"

"Azula won't let me die like that," Zuko interrupted. "My father would never allow it." This was followed by a hollow laugh. "No, royal traitors aren't allowed to just rot away. They'll make a huge spectacle of my execution, and they need me alive for that."

"... I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault," he said with a grunt. He was sitting up, she see tell from the motion of his eyes. She sat up as well. "It's mine. If I had just come to my senses earlier..."

"You really have changed, haven't you."


They were silent again for a time, until Katara couldn't stand it anymore.

"I need to know I'm still alive, Zuko."


"I- I don't know. I just... I need something, I don't know what, or I'm going to go insane down here."

He lit a fire in his palm. And she could see his face now. His features were perfectly calm, too calm. "Is that better?" he asked, looking at her intently.

"... A little."

Something flashed through his eyes, something that frightened and intrigued her. Slowly, he leaned forward, careful to keep the fire in his hand alive and away from her. Their lips met, and Katara's stomach, and regions further south, exploded with heat. Her tounge, seemingly of its own accord, forced its way into Zuko's mouth. He made a little suprised sound that only made her hotter, but then he was responding, hands threading through her hair and tongue caressing hers. When they finally broke for air Katara felt herself blushing like mad.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Zuko, I don't know what came over me, I just-"

"Wanted to feel alive," he murmured, and then he was on top of her sucking on her mouth, her neck, working his way up to her ear lobe. She clung to him gasping. His right hand was caressing her side through the fabric of her dress, and his left was held out to keep the fire in it burning.

She wanted more.

Her hands were between them, pushing them apart and earning a small whine from him, and then a gasp as she pulled his tunic off so fast there was no time for it to catch fire as it flew past the flame in his hand and began running her hands over his chest.

Zuko pulled Katara close again, nuzzling into her neck and rolling them on to their sides. This had the result of putting Zuko's flaming hand behind her, but she barely noticed. She felt something hard rubbing against her crotch and suddenly she remembered Gran-Gran's lessons about men and women and where babies came from. She found she didn't care in the slightest. All she knew was that she was aching in a thousand different ways, and while she was now sure she was alive, she knew that this boy could help her be more alive, more real, than she'd ever been before.

She reached down to rub her hand against Zuko's hardness and he let out a sound somewhere between a whimper and a mewl. Katara chuckled, thinking that Zuko really was a lot like a catlynx. She rubbed him harder and he threw his head back, and opened his mouth in a silent scream.

They lay still for a moment both panting. Zuko brought his eyes back to bear on Katara's and she saw that with his pupils dilated his irises had darkened to a nearly orange color. She reached out and ran her fingers along his cheekbone.

"We... We should stop," he forced out, seeming to have difficulty forming the words. She could feel the fire at her back flickering madly.

"Why?" she asked, hand cradling the back of his neck.

He blinked at her, taking a moment to process what she had said. His answer came in the form of his mouth on hers again, his unoccupied hand reaching under her dress and pulling at the hem of her pants. She put her hand over his and together they lowered them.

His fingers were on her then, vaguely arousing until he found something down there that made her latch her mouth onto his bare shoulder in order not to scream.

"Sweet spirits," she whispered. She wanted him now. Hands on his pants, then his loincloth, then on his heat. She knew what she wanted, knew somehow what he wanted, and they gave it to each other with fumbling, learning, yearning hands. Then Zuko was inside her and she was clinging to him. He was mouthing her neck and she was scratching her nails across his back and they were pounding into each other until the flame behind her gave off a burst of heat so intense she would have screamed in fright had she no been screaming with him in something else, something wonderful. The light went out, and Zuko closed his eyes, but this time the dark around her was warm and welcoming like his arms, and even without the moon, she knew she was alive.