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Completed: Iroh: Regret Not a Thing

Title: Regret Not a Thing
Author: honestly_sangi 
Rating: PG13/T
Word Count: 2188
Claim: Iroh
Challenge: Individual (themes posted together as a oneshot – all prompts inside): Water/Spring Rain
Warnings: I don’t know if you would count Iroh & Ursa as a warning, but here it is.
Notes: Well, this turned out much more sad and angsty than I originally wanted it to be. This is on Iroh up to the death of his father. And I messed with the timeline a bit because I wanted to and it works out better this way.

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"Survival" (Zuko x Katara, D, earth)

Title: Survival
Author: HyperionRising
Claim: Zuko x Katara
Challenge: Duality
Chakra: Earth
Prompt: Survival
Rating: Light NC-17/Very Hard R (erotica)
Summary: Zuko sided with Katara and Aang, under Ba Sing Sei, but Azula still prevailed. When you're trapped in the dark with no way out, the most important thing is to remind yourself you're alive.

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Contrasting Shades (Azula, D, Sound)

Title: Contrasting Shades
Author: kaibasgirl
Claim: Azula
Challenge: Duality
Chakra/Themeset: Sound
Prompt: Truth & Lies
Notes: I know that duality is usually two pieces, but I asked if it was okay to do it in one, and I was told it was fine. I wrote this way back in August, after I had already made the claim for this challenge. I posted this on, but never got around to doing it here, so...enjoy. Oh, and it's poetry, btw.

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BAD MOD IS VERY BAD. (By the way, this is helium_lost—I've renamed.)

Okay, here's what was up: I haven't been that into fandom or fanfic or anything for quite a while, so I've neglected to really do anything fandom-related and basically skipped over new requests and the like. BUT. I'll stop with that right now. I'm going through the claims at the moment and adding people, etc.

Here's the deal--if you have an old claim and haven't updated, please let me know whether you would like to be kept on the list (and continue to produce) or be taken off the list; you can be re-added later if you'd like.

Sorry again for all the delays! Happy writing/drawing ♥ If there's anything else that I haven't gotten around to taking care of, please let me know.
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