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Welcome to 7_chakras!
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Welcome to 7_chakras, an art/writing community dedicated to Avatar: The Last Airbender! This community bases its prompts off the seven chakras introduced by Guru Pathik in the second season finale.
This community is for sharing prompt-based art/writing. Check the affiliates page if you're looking for other Avatar-based communities. :)

Absolutely NO flaming will be tolerated. Please contact the mod if any flaming is going on (e-mail at the top of the page). This community accepts straight as well as slash pairings, and accepts taboo relationships such as pedophilia. Warnings are REQUIRED.
Duality: Each chakra is opened by one emotion/concept and closed by another. Yet, these two emotions/concepts still have a similarity to them that can't be ignored. The challenge is to write two fics or create two pieces of art that contrast these two emotions/concepts. Therefore, they must show a similarity in some way, be it subject matter, setting, etc. Whether the end result of your two works shows that these two emotions/concepts are more similar than we might first think, or that they are radically different, or some other interpretation, is up to you.

Individual: Each trigger for the opening/closing of a chakra is a very broad, wide concept. From these concepts, I listed seven prompts. The challenge is to write seven fics or create seven pieces of art based on these prompts. Whether these works are connected or are separate is up to you. There are three sets for each chakra: one based on the trigger to open the chakra, one based on the trigger that closes the chakra, and one based on a mixture of both.

So, all in all, this community has 161 prompts that you can use. I think that'll keep you occupied for a while, hmm? ;)

Use the format when posting.

Clearly label anything that may set off a negative reaction in the readers/viewers (e.g. slash, femslash, pedophilia, rated R or above, nudity, violence, etc.)

Put your work behind an LJ cut. You may have one (reasonable) paragraph of text as a teaser, or one thumbnail that doesn't exceed 200x200 pixels before the cut.

All posts are currently being moderated to cut down on spambot posts.

Please use the following format when posting:

Subject Line: Title (claim, challenge [D or I], chakra, theme set, prompt #)

Some example subject lines:
"Unlikely" (Jet x Azula, D, earth)
"Strange" (Azula x Ty Lee, I, fire/blaze, #7)

Author: (the name you wish to be archived under)
Chakra/Theme Set: (include both; theme set is excluded if doing the duality challenge)
Prompt: (the number and full prompt, or just the duality prompt)

Here's the code for the header:
<b>Author:</b> (the name you wish to be archived under)
<b>Prompt:</b> (the number and full prompt)
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